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The Food Defrosting™

The Food Defrosting™

The Food Defrosting™

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Have you thought about defrosting the meat ? It'll take hours !

Discover our new Food Defrosting™ and defrost food 6 times faster naturally !

Defrost the Meat in Few Minutes

Defrost the food between 10 and 40 minutes maximum for thicker meats

This is a considerable time saving, it's perfect for last minute defrosting !

Use of Hot Water or Microwave is Dangerous

These 2 defrosting methods promote the proliferation of bacteria and you lose the taste of food

Food Defrosting™ is the natural and safe solution to defrost food quickly !


✓ Fast and easy natural defrosting without bacteria

✓ Save time
and preserve the taste of your food

Suitable for all kinds of food

✓ Easy to clean
and chemical-free


How Does it Work?

No electricity needed for operation !

Its high quality aluminum alloy performs high speed heat exchange, allowing faster natural defrosting. The power of science is magnificent, isn't it ?

Our Advice

For best results, leave as much contact between food and the Food Defrosting™ as possible

Turn the food over halfway through defrosting !

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I like this kind of products that can be used for our daily routine. Simple and effective

Luna Winston

Save a lot of time and space thanks to these products, they are very easy to use and very practical

Charles Rona

My fridge had no space, but thanks to the different layout, I had a great saving of space

Emily Darroll
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